Heated glove test by Laura Sanchez


G-Heat Hello Laura! At just 19, you already have +10K followers on instagram with your @vieenvrac account where you share your outdoor travels and adventures. When did you decide to become an influencer and what motivated you?

I launched my Instagram account in August 2015, over 5 years ago now!

I don't really think of myself as an influencer, more as a lover of the great outdoors who shares her most beautiful experiences in pictures.

I began by posting drawing photos, and over time my interests evolved, so I gradually shifted my focus to travel and outdoor content.

As far as motivation is concerned, it's undoubtedly my attraction for beautiful images that gives me the energy to keep going. I love the idea of my photos coming to life on the networks.

The positive feedback on my content and the positive experiences (meetings, collaborations, etc.) that Instagram brings me are also an inexhaustible source of motivation.

G-Heat Do you have another job on the side (student, employee, self-employed...) or do you devote 100% of your time to travel?

I'm a third-year STAPS student, and travel and outdoor activities are a passion that occupies most of my time, even if I've had to scale down my ambitions at the moment...

G-Heat : In all your travels, which 3 places have impressed you the most and why?

  • The Pyrenees, because they're my home, so I never forget where I come from.
  • The Dolomites in Italy, for the charisma that emanates from these mythical mountains.
  • Morocco, with its Atlas villages and their and their inhabitants, for the cultural slap in the face that reminds me every day how lucky we are to have been born in France and to be able to go on vacation. And on the other, the Sahara for its immensity.

G-Heat When you go on a long excursion, what's the most important thing to pack in your backpack?

In addition to the essentials for my survival, I would say:

- My camera

- An adventure book

- A thermos of coffee

G-Heat Do you often hike or go on excursions in cold weather?

I've never done as much winter hiking as I have this winter, and it's a real pleasure!

Skating, ski touring, snowshoeing, trail running on snow, I like to try my hand at a wide range of disciplines.

Do you consider yourself particularly sensitive to cold in the extremities?

As a photographer in my spare time, my hands are often exposed to sub-zero temperatures. And, although I've always lived in the mountains, I think I'm slightly more sensitive than average to the cold in my fingers. So I solved the problem by adopting G-Heat heated gloves.

G-Heat What did you think of our heated gloves, compared to other brands in Gor-tex or other materials that you're used to wearing?

Hands produce little or no heat, so a heated glove provides levels of warmth and comfort unattainable with "conventional" gloves.

G-Heat What are your plans for the future? Do you already have an idea of your next destination?

No concrete idea at the moment, I'd like to visit Iceland, the Nordic countries, go back to the Dolomites and Morocco, maybe head for the French overseas departments and territories...

In the meantime, I'm aiming for snowy escapades before the warm weather arrives!

G-Heat : Thank you Laura for this exchange, I invite all our readers to follow your adventures on instagram @vieenvrac to discover with you all these magnificent landscapes!