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Heated Gloves G-Heat


Technology for performance and well-being

A passionate team that's close to its customers!

Behind the technological prowess, there are super craftsmen driven every day by the desire to provide the best parts at a fair price, but above all to give you the best service we can offer: to be useful!

We believe that a garment can make the little moments of everyday life, the big adventures or the exceptional moments easier, more surmountable, and we work to enable you to feel good, to surpass yourself, to give the best of yourself.

We cultivate product quality right down to the mastery of logistics, and our teams are committed to doing everything in their power to offer maximum customer satisfaction. This proximity offers many advantages:

- a high-performance after-sales service with responsive teams;

- satisfied or your money back" guarantee;

- the possibility of customizing products for companies (addition of logo, etc.);

- safety at every level: products complying with French standards, secure transactions...