Test of heated socks by Cyril Blanchard

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Cyril's feedback on heated socks


Cyril Blanchard: Since mid-December, I've been testing heated socks for trail running and hiking, but also as heaters for my various activities. When I start to feel the cold coming on, I don't wait and activate the heat to warm up my extremities. :

G-heat What do you think are the advantages of these socks?

C.B: They're very comfortable and very pleasant to wear, thanks to their good fit (the sock doesn't fall to the ankle). They can be used as both classic socks and battery-heated socks.
They're easy to use, thanks to the remote control; you can easily switch from low to high intensity heating. The foot is always warm.

G-Heat : Can you tell us a little story about what happened to you with the socks?

C.B.: A little anecdote: during a snowshoeing outing in December, we had a major storm on the Font d'Urle plateau.
I was accompanying a group of executives to a seminar. The team was out cold, and seeing me in comfort, they asked me how I coped with the cold. I told them I was used to it and that it was a mental job. The truth is, I had my heated socks on G-Heat. ;)