Operating instructions and tutorials

Heated garments G-Heat are complex technical garments because they incorporate a heating and electronics component integrated into a "classic" textile garment.

This technological component implies a good knowledge of how the products work, in order to get the most out of them.

If you have any problems operating your heated garment, please consult the relevant tutorial on this page.

1. Instructions for use

The user manuals describe the specific features of each product. You can find all G-Heat product manuals below.

Manual Heated socks

Manual heated insoles with internal battery (HI02 2020)

HI03 comfort insoles manual

Ultralight HI04 insoles manual

LCD HI05 footplate manual

HI01 Insoles manual

Manual heated insoles with external battery

Heated gloves manual


2. My garment doesn't feel warm enough

After your purchase, you find that your product doesn't heat up enough. There may be several reasons for this:

1. Ignorance of the product's actual use. Heated garments G-heat are designed to heat up gradually over ten minutes, and are adapted to the environment in which they are to be used. For example, socks and insoles work best in a boot or shoe, which will retain the heat generated. In this case, the amount of heat generated is designed for a closed environment.

2. Loss of battery charge. All our batteries are CE-guaranteed and built to a target of 20% power loss after 500 charge cycles, which is well beyond the average life of a garment. However, if you don't recharge your batteries at least once every 6 months (e.g. once during the summer), they will quickly lose their efficiency and the result will be a garment that heats up much less.

3. My garment doesn't heat up

When no heat perception is detectable. It may be that a part of the product is faulty, either due to a manufacturer's defect or to improper/excessive use of the product. In this case, we need to find out the source of the fault, so that we can proceed with a replacement. The main cases are :

  • Only one of my clothes heats up
  • None of my clothes get hot

The fault may be caused by :

  •  A faulty battery
  • A faulty charging cable
  • The heating system (button, heating pad) incorporated into the garment

1. Only one of my garments heats up. The cause of the failure is probably due to a battery problem or a problem with the garment's heating component.

How do I know if my battery is faulty? Charge the batteries for 4-5 hours, then connect them to the garments. Locate the garment that doesn't heat up, disconnect the batteries and swap garments. If the other garment is now heating and the one that was heating is no longer working, the problem is in the battery.

How do I know if my garment is faulty? Charge the batteries for 4-5 hours, then connect them to the garments. Locate the garment that doesn't heat up, disconnect the batteries and swap garments. If the same garment still doesn't heat up and the other still works, but with the other battery, the problem is in the garment.

2. None of my clothes heat up. This is most likely due to a faulty cable. The batteries are no longer recharging.

How do I know if my cable is faulty? All our charging systems feature a charge indicator to show whether charging is complete. When in doubt, charge your batteries

4. Origin of faults :

Faults may be related to :

- a manufacturer's defect, which is generally apparent on receipt of the package, as one of the products does not heat up and the warranty applies.

- improper use of the garment. The heating components built into garments are designed to withstand normal use, but may deteriorate if used improperly and/or if the product's instructions for use are not followed.

- failure to charge batteries regularly. Batteries lose their efficiency if they are not charged at least once every 6 months, and if they are not kept in a dry place without great temperature variations.


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