Ultralight heated insoles test by Juliett_Brl

G-Heat Hello Juliette. It's safe to say that cycling is a real passion for you! You've become very active on the networks (insta: @Juliett_Brl), sharing your adventures on two wheels. I was surprised to see that you have quite a few different bikes! City bike, road bike, even the ultra-classy fixie... How many bikes do you have? Do you have a preference for a particular bike and why?

I actually have several bikes ahah! 3-4 that I'm currently riding, plus all the others that are waiting in the wings... There are the everyday ones and the ones reserved for specific outings like my Trek Emonda. I love riding with my fixed sprocket (an old Mercier), but it's not always suited to the terrain. When I need speed, I take my old Trek 6000 mountain bike from '92. It's hard to choose my favorite, but let's just say that some have more sentimental value and, above all, their own little stories. 


G-Heat When did your passion for riding begin?

I've always used a bike as a means of transport, but it wasn't until I arrived in Paris that I discovered riding. There are so many bike groups, organized rides and so on. And you discover so many different worlds: from the world of couriers to ultra-endurants... It's really interesting!

G-Heat What do you do for a living (apart from spending time on the road!)?

I work in a bike store (for a change of theme aha) I do quite a bit of sport and I must admit that I used to enjoy meeting up with friends on the terrace... 😉

G-Heat : You've already undertaken several bike trips. What is your fondest memory?

I have some very good memories of my cycling trips, and some not so good ones too, ahah! Generally speaking, my best memories are of meeting people on the road and pushing yourself to the limit. It's really intense and euphoric. One of my first trips was a fixed-gear crossing of the south of France with 0 expenses as the watchword. We spent nights at local people's homes and went wild camping in the middle of fields or facing the sea, alternating between more or less muddy forest, sand and tarmac. The fixed gear (fixie) is exhausting, but waking up facing the sea: what a pleasure! A dip as soon as you wake up... This trip was quite intense, and certainly one of my best memories, because it gave me a taste for bicycle travel, and I realized that many others would follow!

On my last trip, I took my girlfriend on a little bike trip, for a bit of adventure, to Orleans. It's a very good memory. Lots of forest and long roads lost in the middle of fields. It was her first time camping in the wild: we set up camp in a very dark forest, with lots of wind and rain, and the sounds of small wild animals... After a complicated night, the morning coffee did us a world of good ahah!

G-Heat What are the disadvantages of traveling by bike? What do you recommend carrying with you at all times to ensure your trip?

I admit that it all depends on the trip, but for my part, I always carry a stove so that I can have coffee and food piping hot! Generally speaking, food is very important to me: my stomach can play an important role in my mind.

 G-Heat Do you ever suffer from the cold when you ride your bike? What part of your body are you most sensitive to?

Ooooh yes! My feet suffer from the cold, like real icicles. Cycling in winter is not for me. As for other sports, it's always been difficult for me to ski/snow for hours on end because of frozen feet!

G-Heat What did you think of our ultralight heated insoles, which you can slip into your shoes to warm your little feet?

I was able to test the insoles in near-zero temperatures, and miraculously my feet didn't get cold! The insoles weren't even at their maximum. Count on one size above your usual size. In any case, this gives us hope for low-temperature trips: no more pre-trip rituals involving wrapping aluminum foil around the feet or other subterfuges!


Heated insoles

G-Heat Do you have any plans for a cycling trip? 

For the moment, I haven't crossed any European borders, but I'm sure I will soon! My departures are often decided on a whim ahah so I don't have anything planned yet, but I'm definitely going to do one soon. I can't wait! I'd love to do Japan by bike. I've already had the opportunity to ride there. The beauty of the landscapes and the large community of riders in the country make me dream. A project firmly anchored in the corner of my mind!

G-Heat : Thank you Juliette for this exchange, I invite all our readers to follow your adventures on Instagram and Strava ;) by following this link!

 Thank you and see you soon on the roads 😊