Our heated garments tested by Lucile, who suffers from Raynaud's disease

Lucile, content creator and owner of four Golden Retriever dogs, had the opportunity to test our RANDO heated gloves and OUTDOOR heated socks. Today, she talks to us about her diagnosis, her relationship with the cold and her love for her dogs! 

Can you tell us about your diagnosis of Raynaud's disease?

From the age of 10, I was already very cold. When we went to soccer matches with my parents, my mother had to rub my feet and hands. The cold made me shiver. When I went skiing, it was the same thing: I'd go downhill and have to go to the hand dryer to warm up my hands and feet. My mother started having the same problems. My fingers were turning white. So we went to see an angiologist together when I was 15, and the diagnosis was made by a blood test and an echo-Doppler, which consists of observing certain arteries and their course. which consists in observing certain arteries and their blood flow on moving images. Unfortunately, the angiologist explained that there was no treatment available, and at that time (we were in the early 2000s), there was little to help us.

How do you deal with the cold on a daily basis? 

As a dog owner, I go out several times a day and it's a real hassle when it's cold and/or wet. What's more, I live in Lorraine, so you could say I'm spoiled. I work the night shift, so when I have to get back behind the wheel at night, it's a real nightmare. And when I'm out for a long time and have to drive afterwards, it's impossible to hold the wheel. I have to wait for my hands to warm up... and my feet too, because I can't feel anything. My hands are always cold. 

A particularly severe cold spell?

It was during an outdoor training session with my dogs. I had gloves on, I was well dressed, but the cold started to paralyze me. Hands, feet, ears... and for the first time, it also affected my internal organs. I literally threw up from the cold. That's when I realized that I had to listen to my body. I was really trying to push my limits, to take on too much, and my body called me to order.

Your advice/solutions against the cold?

For a long time, I only used mittens and electric heaters. For hands, it was really good, I always have them in my car. Unfortunately, I couldn't use them on my feet. I looked for lots of socks and shoes, but nothing worked hard enough or for long. But if I have to advise, après-skis are the most effective footwear at the moment.

What's the difference since G-Heat ?

With heated gloves and heated socks G-Heat, not only my hands but also my feet are warm. I don't feel hot, but I'm not cold.

It's like my hands and feet are at a normal temperature, actually. And it feels good.

You don't feel violent/unpleasant heat, it's a diffuse warmth that feels good. It keeps my hands and feet from getting cold on the move. It's just what I needed for my walks. I really like being able to adjust the temperature of the socks with the little remote control. 

Can you tell us the story of how you met your dogs? Any particular passion for Golden Retrievers?

I've always loved dogs and nature... which is a bit of an understatement when you have Raynaud's disease. But sacrificing my passion was out of the question. I got my first Golden Retriever dog when I was 8. Before I had her, I went to all the dogs, all the time. It was vital. Then I had another Golden with my parents, and finally started a family breeding program, keeping one generation at a time.

Today, I have 4 Goldens, two of whom suffer from neurological diseases. I'm fighting to give them the best possible lives. Goldens have always been the breed of my heart, their character, their physique, everything about them appeals to me. I never imagined I'd have 4 dogs, but the illness of the last two was an obvious choice.

I couldn't not keep them.

Today, Pasha and Tahiti have a lot of support and a nice community on the networks, which helps us in our daily fight.