Test of Limit-30 heated mittens by Inaya

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Date: December 12, 2019
Location: Risoul
Activity: Downhill skiing
Temperature at the top of the resort: -9°C
Temperature felt: -12°C


Inaya's feedback: ski instructor

Testing heated mittens during a day of ski training on December 12, 2019.

In mid-December, conditions were just right to try out the Limit-30 heated mittens from G-Heat , of which I'm one of the ambassadors. It was windy and quite cold, feeling like -12°C, so it was the perfect day to try them out!

Starting the day at around 10am, I put on the mittens but didn't activate the heat directly.
The mittens can be used without activating the heat source (battery).

At around 10:30 am, after half an hour's skiing, I felt cold all over my body but particularly in my hands, so I decided to activate the batteries. In less than 10 minutes, my fingers warmed up. My extremities are no longer cold and I put the batteries on the lowest setting (which is more than enough).

I spent the rest of the day with the mittens on position 1 and didn't feel cold at all, whereas my fellow instructors were really cold, especially in their hands.
I didn't feel cold, either on my hands or all over my body, whereas on very cold days my hands are the first to feel it.

The day's results are positive

The mittens are really comfortable and very pleasant to wear. They can be used both as classic mittens and as heated mittens, thanks to the batteries. They are very easy to use; you can easily switch the heating from the lowest to the highest intensity.
The mittens made me forget about the temperature, despite the -12°C forecast, which allowed me to focus on my training.