Adopting the 19°C indoor temperature rule without feeling cold: it's possible!

With winter not yet upon us, the issue of energy conservation is the talk of the town: the 19°C mark at home is the subject of debate in the home; office temperatures are likely to affect the work of many sedentary employees; companies need to reduce their energy bills.

In this context, we are all looking for new ways to to reduce our energy consumption while maintaining our comfort and well-being. comfort and well-being.

Wear a good heating jacket

Remember your mother's advice as a child or teenager: "Wear wool, you'll catch a cold! But she was always right, as if she could feel the cold coming. Now that you've grown up, you need to think about getting that jacket, and make sure it's of excellent quality.

Because working in the heat can be exhausting, but in the cold, there are risks to your health, more or less serious. 

Whether you're looking for a heated down jacket, hoodie or heated underwear, you'll find what you're looking for at G-Heat. We offer jackets that are heated in the back and front above the pockets. Just the thing to keep you warm during video conferences. 

Clothing G-Heat : an innovative solution for 1 euro cent a day

By providing our bodies with a constant source of heat throughout the day, heated garments heating garments G-Heat solve the equation we all face when it comes to reconciling "energy savings + 19° temperature + purchasing power + well-being".

In today's energy context, heated garments are finding everyday use and proving to be an economical wellness solution, since recharging the battery in your down jacket or gloves costs less than one euro cent per day, or 1.20 euros for a whole winter .

Don't neglect your extremities with heated gloves G-Heat

Never neglect the extremities of the body, which is where you catch a cold.

Extremely useful for those suffering from cold or Raynaud's disease, G-Heat offers a range of heated gloves in all sizes, as well as under-gloves.

You'll find a warm sensation at the tips of your fingers, and you can adjust the intensity yourself, according to how you feel. With electric batteries, these heated gloves sometimes last for more than 6 hours without recharging. For motorcycling, skiing, cycling, hunting, there's a glove for every taste.

Because sometimes, thermogenesis just isn't enough. Thanks to thermogenesis, our body is able to maintain its temperature between 36.5° and 37° through the production of heat resulting from the body's metabolic activities and the energy released by muscular contraction. contraction.

However, in a "cold" environment, the absence of physical activity, or static activity such as sedentary work, leads to a reduction in the body's heat production and the onset of the sensation of cold..

Now you know why it's important to protect your hands.

Always protect feet with heated socks

Finally, once again, I'm sure you remember your mother's advice.

Wear slippers, slippers or socks. These tips are always essential if you don't want to catch a cold at the first drop in temperature, and feel cosy and warm in your own home.

That's why G-Heat offers heated indoor and outdoor socks too. For those who don't want big socks, or who already have tights, you can opt for heated insoles

Simply place them in the bottom of your shoes once you've adjusted them to your footwear. The tips can be cut to fit your shoes to the millimeter, keeping your feet warm while maintaining the shape of your shoes.

And if all that isn't enough, a cup of tea or hot chocolate will finish the job.

And, as an added bonus, delivery is fast - 3 days maximum, depending on your choice of carrier. Please visit G-Heat for prices on all our heated garments