Heating products for Raynaud's disease


How can you prevent the symptoms caused by Raynaud's disease or syndrome? The G-Heat range: heated insoles, gloves and socks specifically designed for people suffering from this condition.

What is Raynaud's disease/syndrome?

This ailment affects 3 to 12% of men and 6 to 20% of women. It is a blood circulation disorder that causes a sensation of cold, particularly affecting extremities such as fingers, toes, nose, ears and nipples.

Disease and syndrome: two different conditions

There are 2 forms:

- The primary form known as Raynaud's disease is the most common form and affects 90% of cases. The primary form causes unpleasant sensations (cold and numbness), but is benign in terms of health. This disease is generally triggered between'between the ages of 15 and 25 and the disease resolves itself after a few years in two-thirds of cases. The cause of the primary form of Raynaud's disease is unknown.

- The secondary form or Raynaud's syndrome is rarer but also more serious. This syndrome is caused by diseases of the blood vessels, such as scleroderma or long-term medication. Raynaud's syndrome, on the other hand rather around forties. Severe cases require specialized rheumatology care.





The symptoms of Raynaud's disease are easily identifiable: lhe fingers or toes turn white and blue blood cells lack oxygen. The result is a loss of sensitivity and numbness in the affected areas. Fortunately, most cases are painless.

The attack, often triggered by exposure to cold, ends the moment the sensitive parts are warmed up. Some attacks can last for hours. Affected areas turn red after the attack, then return to their normal color. A tingling sensation may occur at this point.


1. Protecting yourself from the cold

The best protection is prevention, doing everything possible to maintain a good overall body temperature.

  • Dress warmly when it's cold, because a drop in body temperature is enough to trigger an attack.
  • Always wear gloves, socks and headgear in cold weather
  • Wear gloves when handling cold products
  • Wear gloves and socks to prevent seizures

2. Quit smoking and don't drink too much coffee

Smoking must be avoided at all costs as it triggers the constriction of blood vessels, which increases the risk of an attack. Coffee should be consumed sparingly, for the same reasons.

The G-Heat range: products designed for people with Raynaud's disease or syndrome

Our range of heating products G-Heat have been specifically designed for people suffering from Raynaud's disease or syndrome. They provide the warmth needed to get through the winter months, and are comfortable enough to wear all the time.