Why buy heated undergloves?

Hand thermoregulation

Resisting the cold, maintaining an internal temperature of around 37°C at all times, whatever your metabolic level or the temperature of the surrounding environment, is the principle of thermoregulation.

When we're exposed to the cold for too long, our bodies can become unable to maintain the right temperature to function properly. 

Hands are among the first to feel the cold, mainly due to reduced blood circulation. That's why it's so important to protect them.

And because sometimes your traditional warm gloves just aren't enough, or the conditions you find yourself in force you to do so, heated undergloves come in very handy for gaining warmth when temperatures drop drastically. 

How to keep your hands warm with heated undergloves

You could, of course, simply put your hands in your pockets, put on a hot water bottle or wear conventional gloves. But depending on how long you've been exposed to the cold, how sensitive you are and the type of activity you're doing, this solution will quickly prove useless.


Thin and light, these under-gloves are the salvation when your classic pair of motorcycle or ski gloves can't keep your hands warm for long.

You know, the ones that let your fingers freeze quickly, and yet... you can't get rid of them. 

Give them back their power! Slip them under your main glove, adjust the temperature intensity (3 levels) and enjoy your activity for 6 hours (intensity 1), even with your favorite gloves!

They are also useful, even on their own, for activities that require flexibility, grip and agility. 

Our under-gloves feature high-quality batteries that provide soft, enveloping warmth for long hours. With warm hands, you'll regain the energy and power to take the time to do what you want. 

When should heated undergloves be used?

Heated undergloves can be used in a variety of situations. But generally speaking, it's when temperatures drop and conventional gloves are no longer sufficiently resistant that their usefulness becomes indispensable. 

They give back power, comfort and sensation to those who have to deal with the cold in their work, to forest walkers, to lovers of skiing, golf and cycling, and to people who are extremely sensitive to the cold.

And if you're working outdoors during this harsh winter, heated undergloves G-Heat can be a real boon for your hands.

Heated undergloves for motorcycles and bicycles

By wearing G-Heat heated under-gloves under your motorcycle or bike gloves, you can be sure of keeping your hands free for the duration of your ride, whatever the outside temperature or wind conditions. 

Heated undergloves for skiing

By wearing G-Heat heated under-gloves under your ski gloves, you can be sure of incredible gliding sensations throughout your day of winter sports. No matter how harsh the weather.

Heated undergloves for running

For running and hiking enthusiasts, winter is likely to discourage you from going out to train or clear your head. So, to keep your body and mind in shape and your hands warm, heated undergloves are your allies.

Heated undergloves for people suffering from cold and/or Raynaud's disease

Some people find it essential to keep their extremities warm, especially their hands. These are people suffering from Raynaud's disease/syndrome. 

Raynaud's disease is a blood circulation disorder, particularly felt in the extremities such as the hands and feet, which often occurs in women between the ages of 20 and 30. While not dangerous to health, it can be extremely disabling for even the most seemingly trivial daily tasks.

Symptoms are caused by the cold, and include paleness, coldness and loss of sensitivity, leading to stiffness. When the cold makes it difficult to carry out certain daily tasks, heated undergloves come into their own.

The features of heated undergloves from G-Heat

Easily adjustable temperature intensities 

Discover G-Heat gloves at the best price

Heated undergloves for men and women offer incomparable comfort and flexibility. They can be slipped on under any pair of conventional gloves, or as a main glove for activities such as golf. Lightweight, they weigh less than 200 g including battery. They have 3 temperature intensity levels, each offering a different autonomy: 

  • 37°C for 6 hours of autonomy
  • 45°C for 3h30 of autonomy
  • 50°C for 2h30 autonomy

The heat is spread over the backs of the hands and all fingers. The temperature can be adjusted via a discreet button on the cuff, where the battery is located. 

To recharge the batteries, simply plug them in using the USB cable. Click here to find out more about battery maintenance. 

Easy-care heated undergloves for men and women

Unisex and available in several sizes, from XS to 3 X L, for men and women, they perfectly match the natural characteristics of each hand, so that everyone can find a glove to suit their hand. 

What's more, the under-gloves are easy to care for: simply hand-wash them after removing the batteries.

Heated undergloves delivered fast 

As soon as you order, as soon as you receive! In France, delivery takes a maximum of 3 days by Colissimo. Alternatively, Chronopost offers 1-day delivery. All this for a price of €109, and the batteries are free. 

For the coldest among us, G-Heat also offers thicker heated winter gloves. So, if the heated under-glove option doesn't appeal to you, maybe the heated glove option will.