Winter motorcycle equipment: Combat the cold effectively!


Winter motorcycling requires careful preparation to ensure a safe, comfortable and warm riding experience. To achieve this, it's essential to follow certain basic rules that contribute to safe winter riding! Here's our advice.

Advanced Refrigeration Technologies

Thick linings for winter

A winter liner is an essential part of your winter gear. A well-designed liner can considerably reduce the discomfort of low temperatures by creating a thermal envelope that traps body heat. It provides effective protection against the cold while wicking away moisture, ensuring dry comfort during your journeys.

The Art of Insulation

It's better to opt for effective, lightweight layers than to overload. Insulating layers, whether synthetic or feather, offer essential thermal protection without compromising freedom of movement.

There are two insulation technologies:

- The thick lining uses various wadding materials to trap air, ensuring effective thermal insulation. Optimizing thermal properties with thickness must strike a balance to avoid the discomfort associated with excessive thickness. 

- The thermo-aluminized insert uses an aluminized coating to reflect the body's infrared rays, preventing heat loss. It is usually combined with a padded textile layer for greater efficiency and durability.

Technical and Thermal Clothing

Choosing perfectly fitting clothing helps prevent air infiltration. Opt for thermal clothing adapted to low temperatures, such as thermal jackets and pants, and accessories like a thermal balaclava, to provide a barrier against the cold.

Innovative cold equipment

Thermal insulation is a passive approach against the cold, while heating equipment offers an active solution. By incorporating a network of flexible resistors in the linings, this equipment generates diffused heat, considerably improving tolerance to low temperatures. By activating a waterproof switch, the resistors offer three power levels, enabling heat to be adjusted to suit the weather conditions.

Smart Heating Jackets

Incorporating strategically positioned heating elements, these jackets offer continuous warmth in the coldest conditions, while providing protection from wind and rain.

Underpants and Technical Clothing

Essential for optimum insulation, these garments trap body heat, ensuring a comfortable environment under the equipment. We recommend the Seamless heated undergarment G-Heat.

 Heated Pants

Offering complete thermal protection for the legs, these pants prevent hypothermia and guarantee enhanced comfort.

What accessories do you need for winter riding?

During winter, the body's extremities, especially the hands, are particularly sensitive to the cold. Layering can compromise sensitivity to commands. 

Heated gloves to ward off the cold in winter

An ingenious solution to this problem is the use of heated gloves. These strategically heat the top of the hand, offering superior comfort compared with traditional heated grips. After a few kilometers, their comfort exceeds that of conventional solutions, ensuring targeted warmth for comfortable driving in all weather conditions thanks to their adjustable power levels. 

rider motorcycle gloves

RIDER heated motorcycle gloves


ALLROADS+ heated motorcycle gloves

ALLROADS+ heated motorcycle gloves

Thermal hood 

Thermal balaclavas are an essential part of any biker's arsenal for tackling the rigors of winter. Providing effective protection against the wind, this piece of equipment is more than just a physical barrier. By gently enveloping the face, it creates a real bubble of warmth, preserving a feeling of constant warmth.

The balaclava not only provides protection against the biting cold, it also offers optimum breathability. This feature wicks away moisture generated by perspiration, ensuring maximum comfort during winter rides. Its precise fit also ensures that no icy drafts seep in, offering complete protection for the face.

Heated insoles 

Faced with the risk of frostbite associated with immobile feet during winter driving, heated insoles are proving to be an ingenious solution. These little marvels of technology provide welcome warmth, even in the coldest conditions.

Heated insoles feature built-in heating devices, usually powered by rechargeable batteries. Placed inside your shoes, they provide even heat, preventing feet from cooling down during long journeys. As well as ensuring optimum thermal comfort, they help maintain adequate blood circulation, preventing the risk of numbness and frostbite.

Our tips for worry-free winter motorcycling

  • Rain suit: complete your outfit with a rain suit, an excellent windbreaker that enhances your protection against the elements.
  • Keep your fingers moving: move your fingers (feet and hands) regularly to maintain optimum blood circulation.
  • Arm position: adopt a downward arm position to encourage greater blood circulation.
  • Dress carefully: before hitting the road again, don't dress too early indoors, to avoid sweating and feeling the cold more quickly.
  • Caution with gloves: avoid drying your gloves on radiators or exhausts, as this could damage the protective membranes.
  • Hot beverage breaks: take regular breaks to drink hot beverages, offering you a comforting break during your journey.
  • Leather care: grease your leather garments regularly to keep them supple and waterproof.