How to look after your batteries

A battery has a service life of around 500 cycles. However, in the event of heavy use, this can be considerably reduced. So it's important to look after them properly.
The question now is how to maintain your batteries to keep them in good condition for as long as possible? We explain it all in this article!

Why is battery maintenance so important?

The battery is an essential element for your heated products. Rechargeable, it powers and heats the garment. Without a battery, it's impossible to turn on your product. It must therefore be "pampered" through periodic maintenance, which we'll detail in the rest of this article. Also, in contact with certain liquids such as water or other acidic liquids, the battery may cease to function.

What are the risks if my battery is poorly maintained?

If a battery is poorly maintained, the main risk is a general loss of efficiency for your product, since this would significantly reduce its autonomy, as well as its heating. You'll need to change the battery, if you have another one to hand. Otherwise, you'll have to take your car and buy a new one.

What are the main causes of battery degradation?

  • Frequent underloading over a period of several weeks/months/years.
  • Failure to comply with the charging time recommended in the manual.
  • Using the battery while charging
  • Storage or use at very high temperatures

5 steps to battery maintenance

How do I charge my batteries? 

We recommend that you use the cord supplied with your batteries and a suitable AC adapter as indicated in your manual. It is strictly forbidden to use any other charger to recharge G-Heat batteries. 

Do not use a transformer of more than 5 volts, as this may damage damage your batteries. beyond that. Choose accessories G-Heat. Use the charger supplied with your batteries.

Charging time can vary from 5 to 7 hours, depending on the type of batteries and AC adapter used. Choose a charger that will enable you to recharge your heated gloves more quickly.

When should I recharge my batteries?

It is advisable to recharge your batteries before and after each use to get the most out of your heated garment. And recharge your batteries with the charger supplied.

It's also very important to charge your batteries thoroughly at the end of each winter season, or before any long period of storage. We strongly recommend charging them at least every 3/4 months. A battery must be stored full to avoid deterioration. Remember to recharge batteries with their original chargers at regular intervals.

How do I store my batteries?

When you're not using your heated garment, we recommend that you disconnect your batteries and store them in a dry place at room temperature, always charged. It's also advisable to charge them at least every 3/4 month to extend their life, so remember to charge them well during fine weather. Even if they're not powered up, they'll still last over time.

How can I preserve the life of my batteries over time? 

To maintain your batteries at their best avoid leaving them connected to their charging cable for too long, and recharge them regularly to avoidself-discharge. Do not do not your batteries to a source of heat. Similarly, do not expose your batteries to liquids such as water or lead. The same applies to any acidic liquid. But water and lead are particularly important, as they can ruin the life or even the usefulness of your batteries.

Our batteries have a service life of around 500 charge cycles. Their capacity may diminish over time, but it is possible to maintain their performance and avoid any deterioration by taking care of them during your activities, and by storing them properly when not in use. In contact with acidic liquids, they may cease to function.

How do I recycle my batteries? 

When they lose their autonomy or if they no longer work, you can recycle your batteries in supermarkets, shopping centers... or find collection points on the EcoSystem website, for example. You are not allowed to dispose of them in the environment, as there is a risk of lead spilling into the environment.

Battery maintenance is fairly straightforward. Certainly, some measures can be restrictive, but if you follow our advice correctly, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of your heating products for much longer!

How much does it cost to recharge my batteries? 

In today's energy context, heated garments are finding everyday use and proving to be an economical wellness solution, since recharging the battery in your down jacket or gloves costs less than one euro cent per day, or 1.20 euros for a whole winter: the going price of a traditional baguette.



Average battery capacity G-Heat = 37 watts / hour

40 watts / hour = 0.04 kilowatts / hour (Kwah)

Market price €0.174 per Kwah

0.04 Kwah X 0.174 € = 0.00696 € SO LESS THAN A CENTIMETHE RECHARGE

It's very important not to treat G-Heat batteries like car or delivery vehicle batteries. Here, we're talking about the care and recycling of heated garment batteries. So remember to take good care of your batteries, and don't throw them in the landfill.

For more information, please refer to your product manual or visit our FAQ page.